Our Factory

Our factory and office are both located on the same site, giving us quick access to all the machines or tools required for any given project. We also hold a large selection of materials that we store locally, such as acrylic, wood, aluminium composites, and so on.

Most of the material we work with is in flat sheet form, and using the machinery we cut and shape it into complex 3D units. Our production team supports the machine-shop by bringing all individual components together into assembled units. These are then fully packaged and prepared for transit to destinations all around the world.

Some of the machinery we use includes:

  • 5 Laser Cutters
  • 2 Semi-autonomous CNCs
  • Vacuum Forming Machines
  • 3D Printer
  • Thermoforming Ovens
  • 2 Diamond Polishers
  • 2 Lathes